Sunday, January 13, 2008

07. Download complete, what are these files?

More than likely they are WinRar files and a few Par files. If you installed Quickpar then you should be able to double click on one of the par files to open quickpar.

Quickpar will run through all the rar files to check their status. Green means its good and intact. Yellow means its missing parts. Red means a file is mission. When quickpar is done you will have the option to Repair if quickpar has enough blocks to fix the problem. If not, you could ask for a repost or just delete the files. I'll discuss posting to NG later.

If you had success in downloading (no repair needed) or repaired your download you are now ready to extract your movie.

If you have installed WinRar you should be able to right click on the rar file and choose EXTRACT HERE. This will go through each rar file associated with the download and join the movie file.

The movie file will appear in the folder you might have to scroll over to see it at the end of the list of files. If you have other files in this folder you will have to go to the very end to see the file. A simple refresh might fix that.

There you have a movie file ready to watch! You can now delete the RAR and Par files to save space. You already have what's in them so no need to keep them.


gRv said...


This post is really helpful for beginners as downloading stuff through newsgroups isnt as easy as on torrents.

I wish even i could download some music/vids but i dont have dollars to pay.
Buddy do you have some free servers on mind that can be useful for users like me

Anonymous said...

Usenet is very much so safer than torrents (which everyone else seems to be a fan of these days). I have been recommending it for years. Given, the last time I used it was back in the photoshop template trading days where we were sharing our creations all over...but usenet can be used for so many other things. One of the best tutorials I have ever seen and usually send to people looking to learn is How to use Newsgroups for Downloading Anime (for Beginners) as it covers a lot of fine topics. Just replace "anime" with whatever you want to use usenets to achieve. ​ Torrents on the other hand, although effective in obtaining your needs, also means you are sharing and your IP is public to everyone and for obvious reason is a bad thing as that's when you start getting threats from your ISP and other agencies/groups (I never recommend torrents)

Alecia Us said...

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