Sunday, January 13, 2008

03. Forte Agent setup.

Ok so you got the 30 day trial from now you are ready to set it up.

As I recommended I am going to use this as my example. Your newshosting provider should have given you their news server address and that is all you need along with your username and password.

When you install Agent it will ask you for an email and a name, for now put whatever you like here. Real or Fake is up to you. When and if it asks for a NNTP server or news server put what your news hosting gave you, for its If it asks to connect and get newsgroups select YES or OK. If you get an error, continue and hopefully we'll fix that.

Once the program starts go into TOOLS > SERVERS AND ACCOUNTS.

In hostname make sure your news server is in here if not please add it.

Set Login Method to Username and Password and enter in your info. Check "Remember password..." if you want Agent to not ask you for this info each time you login into Agent.

Click OK at the bottom to make the settings final. If you had an error before go to TOOLS > NEWSGROUP DIRECTORY and choose UPDATE DIRECTORY and select DOWNLOAD COMPLETE LIST. This should have gotten us all to the same place now. If not contact your news server as they may have special instructions with Agent.

You should now have a list of newsgroups that are available to. Looks intimidating yes? Nah we'll only be focused on a few groups. Not to say the other groups have nothing, by all means explore! But for the purpose of this blog, I want you to get what you want and now.

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