Sunday, January 13, 2008

Intro : How to find free movies and music online!

There are many ways you can get free stuff from the internet, bit torrent and p2p programs (Limewire), just to name the more popular ways, are great if you know how to use them and probably do. My preferred method is newsgroups (NG). NG are slightly more reliable than bit torrent and p2p programs.

As with either method, you are relying on other people to get the files. Torrents and p2p progs require that someone else have the file, hopefully the file is complete and their connection speed is allowing you a fast download.

NG, on the other hand, only require someone to post it once to the NG, the rest is on your connection speed to the newsgroup to get that file. The only downside is (depending on your NG provider) file retention is limited to about 2-6 months. After a period of time the post is ignored by the NG. But don't worry millions of people are posting and reposting files all the time.

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