Sunday, January 13, 2008

06. Getting your first movie download

If you got the news host, Forte Agent, WinRar, QuickPar all installed and ready to go we can now get our first movie (or whatever download you wish)

If you are using this for music, more than likely the post will not be in rar format but in mp3. This is because music files are small and do not need to be broken up for download.

Open Agent and select your alt.binaries.movies.divx newsgroup from the folder window.

If you haven't retrieved new headers for this group yet, right click on it and choose GET NEW HEADERS, this process might take a while as headers can range in the millions. Once the group has been populated with headers, if you check regularly (every day or 3 times a week) downloading headers will take less time.

Once headers are downloaded you will see them in the headers window. For better organization click the SUBJECT tab at the top. This will sort by subject title.

In the screen shot above you can see my layout. I double clicked on the par file at the top. This downloaded the file to a directory I specified in this case D:\Movies\_Parts\.

So how can we get all the headers under that to be saved into a folder we want? 2 ways:

1. Select all the messages at once by clicking the top header and while holding the buttond down dragging it down to the last message. Right click on one of the selected messages and choose SAVE ALL ATTACHMENTS...

This will bring up a SAVE TO: window... the rest is up to you.


2. Tell Agent where to save all messages in this group to a folder. In Agent go to FOLDER > PROPERTIES. In the list on the left look for ATTACHMENT FOLDERS and select it.

On the right check the OVERRIDE DEFAULT SETTINGS box, change root folder to [Absolute Path], click the browse button and find the folder you want all the messages for this group to be saved in. Click ok to save the settings.

Back in the headers window (if you haven't selected all your messeages as directed above do it now). Right click on one of the selected messages and choose SAVE ALL ATTACHMENTS TO DEFAULT FOLDER.

Doing either step will start the download process. Go have a sandwich, Agent will get everything in good time.

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